WebODE: a Scalable Workbench for Ontological Engineering
J. C. Aspírez, P. Corcho, M. Fernández-López, A. Gómez-Pérez
(Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)

A Library of Generic Concepts for Composing Knowledge Bases
K. Barker, B. Porter (University of Texas at Austin),
P. Clark (Boeing Math and Computing Technologies)

Knowledge Entry as the Graphical Assembly of Components
P. Clark, J. Thompson (Boeing Math and Computing Technologies), K. Barker, B. Porter (University of Texas at Austin), V. Chaudhri, A. Rodriques, J. Thomere, S. Mishra (SRI International), Y. Gil (University of Southern California), P. Hayes, T. Reichherzer (University of Western Florida)

Supporting Ontology Driven Document Enrichment within Communities of Practice
J. Domingue, E. Motta, S. B. Shum, M. Vargas-Vera, Y. Kalfoglou, N. Farnes (The Open University)

Representing Roles and Purpose
J. Fan, K. Barker, B. Porter (University of Texas at Austin),
P. Clark (Boeing Math and Computing Technologies)

Learning Hierarchical Task Models by Defining and Refining Examples
A. Garland, K. Ryall, C. Rich (Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories)

Building and Exploiting Ontologies for an Automobile Project Memory
J. Golebiowska (INRIA & Renault), R. Dieng-Kuntz, O. Corby (INRIA), D. Mousseau (Renault)

Ontology-Based Operators for e-Business Model De- and Reconstruction
J. Gordijn, H. Akkermans (Vrije Universiteit)

Joint Knowledge Capture for Grammars and Ontologies
U. Hahn, K. G. Markó (Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg)

CREAM -- Creating Relational Metadata with a Component-based, Ontology-driven Annotation Framework
S. Handschuh, S. Staab (University of Karlsruhe), A. Maedche
(FZI Research Center for Information Technologies)

Capturing Analytic Thought
J. D. Lowrance, I. W. Harrison, A. C. Rodriguez (SRI International)

Knowledge Capture and Utilization in Virtual Communities
Y. Merali (The University of Warwick), J. Davies (Btexact Technologies)

Capturing Knowledge of User Preferences: Ontologies in Recommender Systems
S. E. Middleton, D. C. De Roure, N. R. Shadbolt (University of Southampton)

Human Directability of Agents
K. L. Myers, D. N. Morley (SRI International)

Applying Natural Language Processing (NLP) Based Metadata Extraction to Automatically Acquire User Preferences
W. Paik, S. Yilmazel, E. Brown, M. Poulin, S. Dubon, C. Amice (solutions-united, inc.)

Ontology-Guided Knowledge Discovery in Databases
J. Phillips, B. G. Buchanan (University of Pittsburgh)

A Methodology for Ontology Integration
H. S. Pinto, J. P. Martins (Instituto Superior Técnico)

Untangling Taxonomies and Relationships: Personal and Practical Problems in Loosely Coupled Development of Large Ontologies
A. L. Rector, C. Wroe, J. Rogers, A. Roberts (University of Manchest)

Inferring the Environment in a Text-to-Scene Conversion System
R. Sproat (AT&T Labs – Research)

SEAL — A Framework for Developing Semantic PortALs
N. Stojanovic (University of Karlsruhe), A. Maedche (FZI Research Center for Information Technologies), S. Staab, R. Studer, Y. Sure (University of Karlsruhe)

Ontology-Based Metadata Generation from Semi-Structured Information
H. Stuckenschmidt (University of Bremen), F. van Harmelen (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

Discovery of Ontologies from Knowledge Bases
H. Suryanto, P. Compton (University of New South Wales)

Learning Procedural Knowledge through Observation
M. van Lent, J. E. Laird (University of Southern California)

A Grammar-Driven Knowledge Acquisition Tool that Incorporates Constraint Propagation
S. White (Accelrys Ltd.), D. Sleeman (University of Aberdeen)

From Thesaurus to Ontology
B. J. Wielinga, A. Th. Schreiber, J. Wielemaker, J. A. C. Sandberg (University of Amsterdam)

Web User Clustering from Access Log Using Belief Function
Y. Xie, V. V. Phoha (Louisiana Tech University)