K'CAP' 2003: Accepted Papers

22 papers have been accepted for K-CAP'2003
Ontoshare: A Knowledge Management Environment for Virtual Communities of Practice
John Davies, Alistair Duke and York Sure
Capturing interest through inference and visualization: ontological user profiling in recommender systems
Stuart Middleton, Nigel R. Shadbolt and David C. De Roure
Modularisation of domain ontologies implemented in description logics and related formalisms including OWL
Alan L. Rector
Engineering a Complex Ontology With Time
Jorge Santos and Steffen Staab
Towards Topic-Based Summarization for Interactive Document Viewing
Achim Hoffman and Son Bao Pham
Sentiment Analysis: Capturing Favorability Using Natural Language Processing
Tetsuya Nasukawa and Jeonghee Yi
Design of Customized Web Applications with OntoWeaver
Yuangui Lei, Enrico Motta and John Domingue
A Generic Library of Problem Solving Methods for Scheduling Applications Rajpathak, D., Motta, E., Zdrahal, Z., and Roy, R.
ONTOLOGER: A System for Usage-Based Management of Querying in Ontology-Based Information Portals
Nenad Stojanovic, Jorge Gonzalez and Ljiljana Stojanovic
Evaluating SME-Authored COA Critiquing Knowledge
M.Pool, K.Murray, J.Fitzgerald, M.Mehrotra, R.Schrag, J.Blythe, J.Kim, H.Chalupsky, P.Miraglia, T.Russ,D.Schneider
Capturing Task Knowledge for Geo-Spatial Imagery
Dympna O'Sullivan, Eoin McLoughlin, David Wilson and Michela Bertolotto
Using Non-Taxonomic Knowledge to Match Conceptual Structures
Peter Yeh, Bruce Porter and Ken Barker
Learning Programs from Traces Using Version Space Algebra
Tessa Lau, Pedro Domingos  and Daniel S. Weld
Enabling Domain Experts to Convey Questions to a Machine: a Modified, Template-Based Approach
P.Clark, K.Barker, B.Porter, V.Chaudhri, S.Mishra, J.Thomere
Collecting Commonsense Experiences
Push Singh and Barbara Barry
Combining Ontology Engineering Subprocesses To Build a Time Ontology
H. Sofia Pinto and Duarte N. Peralta
Litlinker: Capturing Connections Across the Biomedical Literature
Wanda Pratt  and Meliha Yetsigen-Yildiz
Aiding Knowledge Capture by Searching for Extensions of Knowledge Models
D.Leake, A.Maguitman, T.Reichherzer, A.Canas, M.Carvalho, M.Arguedas,S.Brenes
LEARNER: A System for Acquiring Commonsense Knowledge by Analogy
Chklovski, Tim
Building Large Knowledge Bases by Mass Collaboration
Matthew Richardson  and Pedro Domingos
Ontology Evolution as Reconfiguration-Design Problem Solving
N.Stojanovic, A.Maedche, L.Stojanovic,R.Studer
An Interactive Environment For Scientific Model Construction
Javier Nicolas Sanchez and Pat Langley