K'CAP' 2003: Author's Note:
Extra Pages Cost

Authors submitting papers over the page limit are assessed $136.60CDN (approx. $100US) per page over the limit.  Authors must pay this fee by emailing Camille Sinanan (camille@cpsc.ucalgary.ca) with the request.  It is probably easiest to pay by authorizing us in the email to charge the cost to the credit card you paid for your conference registration with.  Otherwise, you can include the credit card information (VISA/MC, credit card number, expiry date, and name on the card) in the email (not very safe!) or phone (+1 403-220-6316, 09:00-16:00MST) or fax (+1-403-284-4707) this information to Camille.  We provide a "template" that you may wish to cut-and-paste into the email (fill in the blanks):

To:      camille@cpsc.ucalgary.ca
Subject: K-CAP2003 extra pages cost

Please accept an "extra pages cost" payment for paper:


with authors:


This paper is ____ pages over the page limit.

The cost will be _____pages x $136.60CDN = $______CDN.

Payment will be made by (check one):

___ Please charge to the credit card I used for my K-CAP'2003 registration

___ I will phone credit card information to +1 403-220-6316, 09:00-16:00MST

___ I will fax credit card information to +1-403-284-4707

Written receipts for the "extra pages cost" will be distributed at the conference registration desk (together with registration receipts) on-site in Florida.

Questions?  Contact Rob Kremer, kremer@cpsc.ucalgary.ca, phone: +1 403-220-5112 or Camille Sinanan, camille@cpsc.ucalgary.ca, phone: +1 403-220-6316.