The Third International Conference on Knowledge Capture

Banff Centre, Banff, Canada

          October 2-5, 2005


Locations:    MB=Max Bell Building (workshops)

DCH=Donald Cameron Hall (the main conference is in the north wing, DHC 300)

The Dining Room is in Donald Cameron Hall

The Borgeau Lounge is in Lloyd Hall

Registration Desk is in DCH 301 (Sunday: Table in MB Foyer)


Sunday, October 2nd 2005


07:00-09:00    Breakfast Buffet (Dining Room)


09:00-17:30    Workshops


(09:30-17:00) WS1: SW-EL '05: Applications of Semantic Web Technologies for E-learning  (MB Room 105)

(09:30-17:30) WS2: Ontology Management: Searching, Selection, Ranking, and Segmentation (MB Room 251)

(09:00-17:00) WS3: Integrating Ontologies  (MB Room 253)


09:30 (09:00 for WS3)                      Workshop start

10:30-11:00    (10:45-11:10 for WS3)          Coffee Break


12:00-13:30    (12:30-13:30 for WS1)          Lunch Buffet (Dining Room)  


15:00-15:30                                                    Coffee Break


17:00 (17:30 for WS2)                      Workshop close 


19:30                                                   Evening Reception (Borgeau Lounge)


Monday, October 3rd, 2005


07:00-09:00    Breakfast Buffet (Dining Room)


08:45-09:00    Welcome and Best Paper awards (DCH Room 300)


09:00-10:00    Invited talk (DCH Room 300)

Pat Hayes, IHMC, University of West Florida

                    "Speaking Informally..."


10:00-10:30 Coffee Break


10:30-12:00    Information Extraction (DCH Room 300)


(paper #40) AutoFeed: An Unsupervised Learning System for Generating Webfeeds

Bora Gazen, Steven Minton


(8) Extracting Knowledge from Evaluative Text

Giuseppe Carenini


(62) Automatic Acknowledgement Indexing: Expanding the Semantics of Contribution in the CiteSeer Digital Library

Isaac Councill, Lee Giles, Hui Han, Eren Manavoglu


12:00-13:30    Lunch Buffet (Dining Room)


13:30-15:00    Interactive Knowledge Capture I (DCH Room 300)


(36) User-Centered Consultation by a Society of Agents

Georg Buscher, Joachim Baumeister, Frank Puppe, Dietmar Seipel


(58) Designing Intelligent Acquisition Interfaces for Collecting World Knowledge from Web Contributors

Timothy Chklovski, Yolanda Gil


(74) Knowledge Management for Product Maturity

Guy Boy


15:00-15:30    Break


15:30-17:00    Ontologies and Knowledge Bases (DCH Room 300)


(48) Ontology Ranking based on the Analysis of Concept Structures

Harith Alani, Christopher Brewster


(19) Knowledge Base Reuse Through Constraint Relaxation

Tomas Nordlander, Derek Sleeman, Ken Brown


(50) An Instance Mapping Ontology for the Semantic Web

Yuangui Lei


18:00-20:00    Poster Session  (Dining Rooms 4&5) Cash bar and hor d’oeurves

(Presenters may get into the room anytime after 4:00pm to set up)



Tuesday, October 4th, 2005


07:00-09:00    Breakfast Buffet (Dining Room)


08:30-10:00    Information Retrieval (DCH Room 300)


(33) Browsing for Information by Highlighting Automatically Generated Annotations

Victoria Uren, Philipp Cimiano, Enrico Motta, Martin Dzbor


(55) On the Role of a User's Knowledge Gap in an Information Retrieval Process

Nenad Stojanovic


(59) Evaluating the Application of Semantic Inferencing Rules to Image Annotation

Suzanne Little, Laura Hollink, J Hunter


10:00-10:30    Coffee Break


10:30-11:30    Interactive Knowledge Capture II (DCH Room 300)


(52) Collaborative Knowledge Capture in Ontologies

Pat Hayes, Thomas Eskridge, Raul Saavedra, Thomas Reichherzer, Mala Mehrotra, Dmitri Bobrovnikoff


(61) Estimating Similarity among Collaboration Contributions

Kenneth Murray, John Lowrance, Doug Appelt, Andres Rodriguez


11:30-15:00    Lunch (boxed) and hike (optional)


15:00-16:00    Panel Discussion (DCH Room 300)


16:00-16:30    Break


16:30-18:00    Dialog and Elicitation  (DCH Room 300)


(41) Collecting Paraphrase Corpora from Volunteer Contributors

Timothy Chklovski


(30) Bringing Order into Bayesian Network Construction

Eveline Helsper, Linda van der Gaag, Ad Feelders, Willie Loeffen, Petra Geenen, Armin Elbers


(46) Matching Utterances to Rich Knowledge Structures to Acquire a Model of the Speaker's Goal

Peter Yeh, Bruce Porter, Ken Barker


19:30 Evening Banquet (with mystery speaker)


Wednesday, October 5th, 2005


07:00-09:00    Breakfast Buffet (Dining Room)


09:00-11:00    NLP: Knowledge Capture from Text (DCH Room 300)


(38) Finding New Terminology in Very Large Corpora

Joachim Wermter, Udo Hahn


(16) Automated Story Capture from Conversational Speech

Andrew Gordon, Kavita Ganesan


(43) Indirect Anaphora Resolution as Semantic Path Search

James Fan, Ken Barker, Bruce Porter


(66) Document Annotation and Ontology Population from Linguistic Extractions

Florence Amardeilh, Philippe Laublet, Jean-Luc Minel


11:00-11:30    Break


11:30-12:30    Invited talk (DCH Room 300)

Carole Goble, University of Manchester, UK

                    "The Montagues and the Capulets: Part II"


12:30           Conference Close (DCH Room 300)