K-CAP 2007
The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge Capture

28-31 October 2007
Whistler, BC

K-CAP 2007 is sponsored by ACM SIGART and held in cooperation with AAAI

Best Papers

There were two best paper awards presented at the opening session on Monday morning, for the best technical paper, and the best student paper.

Best Technical Paper

The winner of the best technical paper award for K-CAP 2007 is Interactive Thesaurus Assessment for Automatic Document Annotation authored by Kai Eckert, Heiner Stuckenschmidt, and Magnus Pfeffer.

Best Paper Shortlist

The following papers were also shortlisted for the prize:
  • The X-COSIM Integration Framework for a Seamless Semantic Desktop
    Thomas Franz, Steffen Staab, Richard Arndt
  • Maintaining Constraint-based Applications
    Tomas Eric Nordlander, Eugene C. Freuder, Richard J. Wallace
  • Enabling Experts to Build Knowledge Bases from Science Textbooks
    Vinay K. Chaudhri, Bonnie E. John, Sunil Mishra, John Pacheco, Bruce Porter, Aaron Spaulding

Best Student Paper

The winner of the best student paper for K-CAP 2007 is Strategies for Lifelong Knowledge Extraction from the Web by Michele Banko and Oren Etzioni.

Best Student Paper Shortlist

The following papers were also shortlisted for the prize:
  • Evaluation of a Temporal-Abstraction Knowledge Acquisition Tool in the Network Security Domain
    Asaf Shabtai, Maor Atlas, Yuval Shahar, Yuval Elovici
  • Information Acquisition using Multiple Classifications
    Namhee Kwon, Eduard Hovy
  • KBS Development through Ontology Mapping and Ontology Driven Acquisition
    David Corsar, Derek Sleeman