K-CAP 2007
The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge Capture

28-31 October 2007
Whistler, BC

K-CAP 2007 is sponsored by ACM SIGART and held in cooperation with AAAI

Accepted Posters

The following have been accepted to be presented as posters at K-CAP 2007.

Poster Title Authors
KnowWE - Community-based Knowledge Capture with Knowledge Wikis Joachim Baumeister, Jochen Reutelshoefer, Frank Puppe
KnoFuss: A Comprehensive Architecture for Knowledge Fusion Andriy Nikolov, Victoria Uren, Enrico Motta
Automated Story Capture From Internet Weblogs Andrew S. Gordon, Qun Cao, Reid Swanson
Towards Web Information Extraction using Extraction Ontologies and (Indirectly) Domain Ontologies Martin Labsky, Marek Nekvasil, Vojtech Svatek
Knowledge Management using Semantic Web Technologies: An Application in Software Development Bruno Antunes, Nuno Seco, Paulo Gomes
Enhancing Enterprise Knowledge Processes via Cross-Media Extraction Jose Iria, Victoria Uren, Alberto Lavelli, Sebastian Blohm, Aba-sah Dadzie, Thomas Franz, Ioannis Kompatsiaris, Joao Magalhaes, Spiros Nikolopoulos, Christine Preisach, Piercarlo Slavazza
Extracting Procedures from Text Engin Cinar Sahin
Clustering Web Documents with Tables for Information Extraction Kostyantyn Shchekotykhin, Dietmar Jannach, Gerhard Friedrich
Revelator's Challenge: Games of Inquiry Mary Keeler, Arun Majumdar, John F. Sowa
Extracting the Meaning of Medical Concept Correlations Meliha Yetisgen-Yildiz, Wanda Pratt
Muf: Tool for Knowledge Extraction and Knowledge Base Building Petr Kolesa
Thesaurus and Metadata Alignment for a Semantic E-Culture Application Anna Tordai, Borys Omelayenko, Guus Schreiber
Disambiguating for the Web: A Test of Two Methods Susan M. Colowick, Jonathan Pool
Ontology-Based Content Model for Scalable Content Reuse Sasa Nesic, Jelena Jovanovic, Dragan Gasevic, Mehdi Jazayeri
Criteria-Based Partitioning of Large Ontologies Anne Schlicht, Heiner Stuckenschmidt
Garp3 - A new Workbench for Qualitative Reasoning and Modelling Bert Bredeweg, Anders Bouwer, Jelmer Jellema, Dirk Bertels, Floris Floris Linnebank, Jochem Liem
Observing Knowledge Clustering for Educational Resources Using a Course Ontology Javed I. Khan, Manas S. Hardas
Fostering Knowledge Sharing by Inverse Search Hans-Jörg Happel, Ljiljana Stojanovic, Nenad Stojanovic