K-CAP 2007
The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge Capture

28-31 October 2007
Whistler, BC

K-CAP 2007 is sponsored by ACM SIGART and held in cooperation with AAAI

Technical Paper Submission Instructions

Technical paper submission is now closed for K-CAP 2007; these details are left for reference. Thanks for submitting!

K-CAP 2007 is using confmaster to manage technical paper submissions, please go to the K-CAP 2007 confmaster page (open in new window) and follow the following instructions.

  1. Click on "Register as new author"
  2. Fill in all fields marked '*' on the "Register as new author" form
  3. Click on "Submit"

An email with your login and password will then been sent to your email address. After you have received the message with your login and password, you will be able to submit your paper, edit your data, and change your login and password details.