K-CAP 2023

The Twelfth International Conference on Knowledge Capture

December 5 - 7, 2023

Pensacola, Florida, USA

Knowledge has played a fundamental role since the inception of artificial intelligence. While the forms in which algorithms have leveraged knowledge have evolved over time, the need for efficient representations is ever more critical. Indeed, recent advances of AI, such as the stunning performance of large language models  have relied on the large amount of data available on the Web. There is growing agreement among researchers that it's important to look beyond the sheer volume of data, and instead also prioritize the development of methods that are accurate, precise, and efficient for capturing knowledge.

The International Conference on Knowledge Capture, K-CAP, aims at bringing together an interdisciplinary group of researchers on a diverse set of topics with interest in the development of knowledge capture. This involves the design and development of formalisms, methods and tools that enable efficient and precise extraction and organization of knowledge from different sources and for different modalities of use including, for example, automated reasoning, machine learning and human-machine teaming.

To enable a vibrant and constructive discussion on scalable and precise knowledge capture, K-CAP 2023, calls for the participation of researchers from diverse areas of artificial intelligence, including, but not limited to, knowledge representation and reasoning, knowledge acquisition, semantic web, intelligent user interfaces for knowledge acquisition and retrieval, query processing and question answering over heterogeneous knowledge bases, novel evaluation paradigms, problem-solving and reasoning, ethics and AI, explainability, neurosymbolic AI, agents, information extraction from structured or unstructured data, machine learning and representation learning, information enrichment and visualization, as well as researchers interested in cyber-infrastructures to foster the publication, retrieval, reuse, and integration of data.

K-CAP is an in-person conference, and remote participation will not be supported. 

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