K-CAP'2003: Call for Papers

Submission Deadline May 2nd, 2003 (Past, see Accepted Papers)
Also available in MS Word and PDF formats

Information in all forms is increasingly available, but using it effectively requires a range of technologies for representing, manipulating, and reasoning with information.  These technologies comprise knowledge capture, the extraction of useful knowledge from vast and diverse sources of information and raw data.  Driven by the demands for knowledge-based applications, and the unprecedented availability of information on the Internet, the study of knowledge capture has a renewed importance.

Although there has been considerable work in the area of knowledge capture, activities have been distributed across several distinct research communities, principally knowledge engineering, machine learning, and natural-language processing. However, other fields study knowledge capture, too. For example, in planning and process management, mixed-initiative systems acquire knowledge about a user's goals by taking commands or accepting advice regarding a task.  In addition, recent research with the Semantic Web includes work that tries to capture the knowledge associated with appropriately annotated web pages.  All of these approaches are related in that they acquire information and organize it in knowledge structures that can be used for reasoning. They are complementary in that they use different techniques and approaches to capture different forms of knowledge.

K-CAP 2003 will provide a forum in which to bring together disparate research communities whose members are interested in efficiently capturing knowledge from a variety of sources and in creating representations that can be useful for reasoning. We solicit high-quality research papers for publication and presentation at our conference. Our aim is to promote multidisciplinary research that could lead to a new generation of tools and methodologies for knowledge capture.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Submission deadline: May 2nd, 2003

Please email submissions (in PDF format only) to: kcap@cs.utexas.edu and gennari@u.washington.edu with subject "K-CAP03 submission". (Sending to both addresses will provide insurance against catastrophic email or computer problems.)

We are aiming for a quick reviewing turn-around and therefore late submissions will not be considered for review.

Page limit: 8 pages, using 10-point font, double column format.

Submission format: Please use Word template at http://sern.ucalgary.ca/ksi/K-CAP/K-CAP2003/templates/KCAP-Examp03.doc. This template is based on the official ACM templates for proceedings. Latex style sheets are not yet available—we will post these to the web pages when ready.

In concordance with requirements of the ACM digital library, please include categories and subject descriptors that best describe your submission. The hierarchy of descriptors can be found at http://www.acm.org/class/1998/overview.html (For example, some submissions may fall under the category "I.2.4: Knowledge Representation Formalisms and Methods".) You may include optional keywords. Note that reviewer assignments will be based on the contents of the abstract, as well as these descriptors and keywords.