About PriSeT 2013

PriSet-2013 is the First International Workshop on Privacy in Semantic Technologies, which will be held on the 23rd June 2013, in conjunction with main K-CAP conference, Banff, Canada.

The recent success of the Semantic technologies have triggered a new wave of interest in government and industry who aim to apply Linked Data principles to exploit the large datasets being made public. Since the data generated is from real users, the question of privacy is highly relevant to how knowledge is discovered, extracted, integrated and used. To this end, it is important for the Linked Data community to not only pay attention to privacy but also to proactively discover and address privacy related issues at every stage. Any failing in this area at this critical juncture could only jeopardise the many Open Data initiatives currently being pursued by government, academia and industry.

The workshop will be based on light talks, discussions and panels between the attendees, centered around use-cases and tools where issues of privacy are being tackled thanks to semantic technologies, or where semantic technologies raise privacy issues (see the workshop programme).