Workshop Programme

The workshop is designed to stimulate interactive discussions to encourage exchanges between the participants such that critical challenges connecting privacy and semantic technologies can be identified and also set in motion future research directions.  The group discussions will be centred around the analysis of responses to two survey questions pertaining to:  (a) use-cases which connect privacy and semantic technologies, and (b) tools which tackle privacy issues in semantic technologies.  To enrich this important discussion, this survey is made open to anyone interested in the topic and is encouraged to respond using the links below (even if you are unable to attend the workshop)

The form related to use cases is at:

The form related to tools is at:


Workshop Schedule

2.00 pm:  Introduction to the workshop and its goals

2.30 pm:  Introduction from participants

Brief introduction from each one on their work and connection to Privacy in Semantic Technologies

3.00 pm:  Use-cases where semantic technologies create privacy issues

Completing, ranking and classifying use cases collected from the community

3.30 pm:  Coffee break

4.00 pm:  Use-cases where semantic technologies  support privacy management

Completing, ranking and classifying use cases collected from the community

4.30 pm:  Tools to handle privacy in/with semantic technologies

Completing, ranking and classifying tools collected from the community

5.00 pm:  Conclusion

How to take this forward?