Accepted Papers

Thomas Franz, Ansgar Scherp and Steffen Staab. Are Semantic Desktops Better?
Ansgar Scherp, Thomas Franz, Carsten Saathoff and Steffen Staab. F---A Model of Events based on the Foundational Ontology DOLCE+ Ultra Light
Jose Iria. Automating Knowledge Capture in the Aerospace Domain
Doo Soon Kim, Ken Barker and Bruce Porter. Knowledge integration across multiple texts
Mathieu d'Aquin. Formally Measuring Agreement and Disagreement in Ontologies
Katrin Tomanek and Udo Hahn. Reducing Class Imbalance During Active Learning for Named Entity Annotation
Vanessa Lopez, Marta Sabou, Victoria Uren and Enrico Motta. Cross Ontology Query Answering on the Semantic Web: An Initial Evaluation
Markus Strohmaier and Mark Kröll. Studying Databases of Intentions: Do Search Query Logs Capture Knowledge about Common Human Goals?
Hakki Cankaya and Dan Moldovan.Method for Extracting Commonsense Knowledge
W. Bradley Knox and Peter Stone. Interactively Shaping Agents via Human Reinforcement: The TAMER Framework
Elena Montiel-Ponsoda, Mauricio Espinoza and Asunción Gómez-Pérez. Ontology Localization
Peter Clark and Phil Harrison. Large-Scale Extraction and Use of Knowledge From Text
Frank van Harmelen, annette ten Teije and Holger Wache. Knowledge Engineering rediscovered: Towards Reasoning Patterns for the Semantic Web
Kate Lockwood and Kenneth Forbus. Multimodal Knowledge Capture from Text and Diagrams
Yolanda Gil, Jihie Kim, Gonzalo Florez, Varun Ratnakar and Pedro Gonzalez-Calero.
Workflow Discovery Using Semantic Metadata
Eva Blomqvist, Aldo Gangemi and Valentina Presutti. Experiments on Pattern-based Ontology Design
Rahul Bhagat and Eduard Hovy. Acquiring Paraphrases from Text Corpora
Mark Burstein, Fusun Yaman, Robert Laddaga and Robert Bobrow. POIROT: Acquiring workflows by combining models learned from interpreted traces
Anna Tordai, Jacco van Ossenbruggen and Guus Schreiber. Combining Vocabulary Alignment Techniques
Negin Nejati, Tolga Konik and Ugur Kuter. A Goal- and Dependency-Driven Algorithm for Learning Hierarchical Task Networks
Paul Doran, Valentina Tamma, Terry Payne and Ignazio Palmisano. An entropy measure for evaluating ontology modularization