Accepted Posters and Demos

Claus Moebus and Hilke Garbe. Learning the DAG of Bayesian Belief Networks by Asking Causal (In-)Dependence or (Ir-)Relevance Questions
Gerd Groener and Steffen Staab. Modeling and Query Patterns for Process Retrieval in OWL
Catherine Roussey, Oscar Corcho and Luis Manuel Vilches-Blazquez. Towards a Set of OWL Ontology Debugging Guidelines
Jorge Gracia and Eduardo Mena. Multiontology Semantic Disambiguation in Unstructured Web Contexts
Yiwen Wang, Natalia Stash, Lora Aroyo, Laura Hollink and Guus Schreiber. Semantic Relations in Content-based Recommender Systems
Paul Buitelaar and Thomas Eigner. Expertise Mining from Scientific Literature
Francisco Echarte, Jose Javier Astrain, Alberto Cordoba and Jesus Villadangos. ACoAR - A Method for the Automatic Classification of Annotated Resources
Markus Strohmaier, Mark Kroell and Christian Koerner. iTag: Automatically Annotating Textual Resources with Human Intentions
Asuncion Gomez-Perez and Mari Carmen Suarez-Figueroa. Scenarios for Building Ontology Networks within the NeOn Methodology
Ulysse Rosselet and Maia Wentland. Knowledge Management Framework for IT Project Portfolio Risk Management
Noureddine Mokhtari and Olivier Corby. Modelling and automatic extracting of contextual semantic annotations
Danica Damljanovi, Florence Amardeilh and Kalina Bontcheva. CA Manager: a framework for creating adapted workflows for semantic annotation and ontology population
Sofia Angeletou, Marta Sabou and Enrico Motta. Improving Search in Folksonomies: A Task Based Comparison of WordNet and Ontologies
Jihie Kim, Jia Li and Taehwan Kim. Identifying Student Online Discussions with Unanswered Question
Mathieu d'Aquin, Jerome Euzenat, Chan Le Duc and Holger Lewen. Sharing and Reusing Aligned Ontologies with Cupboard
Mary Keeler, Scott Farrar, Sheri Hargus and Arun Majumdar. Complex Adaptive Reasoning: Knowledge Emergence in the Revelator Game
Jonathan Gordon and Lenhart Schubert. Weblogs as a Source for Extracting General World Knowledge
Sung-Young Jung. Using Natural Language to Represent Knowledge In an Intelligent Tutoring System
Gully Burns and Thomas Russ. Biomedical Knowledge Engineering tools based on Experimental Design: A case study based on neuroanatomical tract-tracing experiments
Earl Wagner, Larry Birnbaum and Kenneth Forbus. Extracting Multiple-Event Situations from News Articles
Dong Hyun Choi and Key-Sun Choi. Incremental Summarization using Taxonomy